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Avery Mazur
Miami, FL

A fixture in South Florida politics since he began his career as a political operative in 2017, Avery Mazur has quickly earned a reputation as a strategic mind on the campaign trail and a formidable advocate for the issues impacting Miami Dade and Monroe counties. Avery began his career in politics in Miami Dade County, where he worked on campaigns at every level including Presidential, Congressional, the state Legislature and locally for the Miami Dade Board of County Commissioners. He brings extensive campaign experience to The Southern Group spanning everything from grassroots to volunteer organization, to logistics and fundraising; Avery has done it all and established an envy-inducing winning percentage.  

Most recently, Avery helped orchestrate the successful campaigns of newly elected Miami Dade County Commissioner Kevin Marino Cabrera and Florida House members Demi Busatta Cabrera and Vance Aloupis before that. He was also instrumental in Miami Dade County Commissioner Anthony Rodriguez’ victory.   

Off the campaign trail, Avery has also served in multiple capacities in state and local government including as an aide in the Florida House of Representatives to future Speaker of the House Daniel Perez.  In this role, Avery worked hundreds of issues on behalf of the constituents of District 116 in Miami Dade County, in addition to researching and crafting various policy and appropriations proposals that were successfully included in the state’s budget and statutes. Throughout his tenure in the Florida House, Avery cultivated strong relationships with staff and Legislative members among both chambers and across Florida’s political parties.  

On the ground in Miami Dade County, Avery has remained connected to the elected officials driving policy and issue resolution on behalf of the region’s 2.6 million residents. Whether he’s dissecting complex transportation or housing issues, analyzing the state of healthcare across the region, or facilitating constituent communication, Avery is a trusted voice among current and future leaders.  

In his capacity at The Southern Group, Avery will continue to focus on his passion for the people and the issues impacting Miami Dade and Monroe counties, in addition to tackling statewide policy and appropriations issues in Tallahassee.  Avery will draw on his past policy experience in the arenas of transportation, healthcare, economic development, and information technology to serve Southern’s clients.  

Avery was raised in Miami Dade County and graduated from Florida International University with a bachelor’s degree in political science. He resides in Miami-Dade with his wife Janeth and his daughter.  In his free time, you’ll find Avery at the beach, playing basketball or kayaking in the beautiful Florida Keys. 

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